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Our Lady of the Valley School
22041 Gault St
Canoga Park, CA 91303
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We live and practice our faith.
We value others and ourselves. 
We are part of one community of faith. 
We strive to make good choices. 
We are life-long learners.
We recognize and accept our differences. 
Environmentally Aware
We care for all of God's creation.
We know our choices and actions affect our lives. 
Service Minded
We help others in our local and global community. 
About Our Lady of the Valley
Mission Statement

We are a Catholic family dedicated to the moral and academic development of each child.

Our Lady of the Valley School, located on the west side of the warm and always sunny San Fernando Valley in Canoga Park, California has been serving students and families of the San Fernando Valley and surrounding area since 1948. The school is an integral part of the parish community and operates under the direction of the Los Angeles Archdiocese. 

Our Lady of the Valley Students Are:
School Philosophy

The educators of our school community, in partnership with parents, are dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual, social, moral and physical growth of its members. We affirm that each child is unique, and the dignity and potential of each individual should be respected. We recognize, accept, understand, and appreciate cultural diversity as members on one body, The Body of Christ.